The U.S. dollar is very strong against Canadian currency making this the perfect time to buy premium timberframes from Okanagan Timberframe in British Columbia. SAMPLE PRICING AVAILABLE ON REQUEST. EMAIL OR CALL WITH PROJECT DETAILS

living 9wWe have designed and built Okanagan Timber Frame homes all over New England and beyond. Built from premium west coast douglas fir they have maintained their beauty and stability, older homes looking fresh and alive whenever we revisit them.

Deerfield Design offers architectural design and drafting services for all types of residential and small commercial projects. We specialize in post & beam and timber frame construction and are proud to be associated with Okanagan Timber Frame where only the best, west coast Douglas fir timber is combined with good design and precision cnc milling. All Douglas fir for timber frame homes comes from the west coast but only Okanagan Timber Frame offers kiln dried timbers for the ultimate in beauty and stability. Call or email today to tell about your project. We can help.